FCCAC is one of 12 child abuse councils in Los Angeles County. It was established in 1983 with the intent of providing professionals with the education and skills to prevent child abuse. It is our belief that every child shall have the opportunity to reside in a non-violent home with knowledgeable, understanding, and loving parents absent any classification of child or family violence to interrupt their development.

Our mission is to help alleviate child abuse by education, networking, and training of the surrounding community.

The specific and primary purposes of this organization are to:

1. Promote a support network of community agencies that directly/indirectly impact the level of incidences of child abuse.

2. Advocate for the prevention, intervention, and treatment services in child abuse.

3. Serve as a clearing house of information and resources.

4. Create a national presence for ethnic minority communities.

5. Identify projects, research and organizational members who can serve as resources.

Goals and Objectives:

• Maintain and expand the skills and professional growth and development of service providers through workshops and seminars.

• Facilitate more effective communication between community agencies via networking and coordination.

• Increase availability of culturally relevant child abuse prevention related services

• Advocate, review, and disseminate all legislation and funding resources related to family and/or child abuse prevention.

• Support programs which decrease the pervasiveness of maladaptive behavior in families at risk with positive intervention.

• Provide professional and financial resources to agencies, schools, and organizations in the community of Los Angeles County.


• Family, Children, Community Advisory Council (LAC-FCCAC) was established in 1983 and was incorporated in 1992 as a 501c3.

• The Department of Children and Family Services along with FCCAC established the Central Los Angeles Sexual abuse Unit.

• LAC-FCCAC and DCFS established the Black Family Investment Project, which later became The Black Family Preservation Unit of DCFS.

• LAC-FCCAC provided Christmas financial gifts and scholarships to the Central Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Unit, People Who Care Youth Center.

• Supported women and children in the Jenesse Shelter by donating needed items to their children’s room.

• Donated TV and VCR. To the Central Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Unit. (CLASAU) of DCFS.

• FCCAC provided scholarships to graduating high school students of DCFS.

• Each April FCCAC participates in the Blue ribbon Campaign by distributing child abuse prevention materials to community agencies and professions.

The Annual Conference centers on cultural, ethnic, professional, and community issues relating to child abuse prevention. Topics have included:

• Sexual Abuse of Adolescents

• Understanding & Combating Institutional Racism in Child Welfare

• Transformational Leadership Development of Adolescents and Young Adults

• Cultural Awareness and Child Protective Services

• Overview of Department of Children & Family’ programs & Safely Surrendered Baby Law

• Trends in Adolescent Sexual Behaviors

• Bullying Among Children & Youth

• Dual Diagnosis of Mental Health Disorders Amongst Children in Foster Care

• Law & Ethical issues for Professionals